Welcome to the Citizens’ Counselling Centre website.

The Greater Victoria Citizens’ Counselling Centre offers affordable, accessible counselling to adult residents of Greater Victoria. All counselling is offered by volunteer counsellors trained and supervised by the Centre. We have a sliding fee scale based on family income.

We offer individual counselling, couples counselling, and group counselling. Our groups run three times each year (Fall, Winter and Spring) and include self esteem groups, anger management groups, and groups with a focus on stress, anxiety and depression.

The Centre began in 1969 and since then we have worked with over 22,000 people.

If you are struggling with life issues and hope that seeing a counsellor might make life easier, please call us. We are here for you.





Tip a Fool

Thank you Victoria!

Thank you so much for helping to make Tip a Fool 2016 the most successful fundraiser that Citizens’ Counselling Centre has ever had.

Through our silent and live auctions, our Celebrity Waiters’ amazing offerings and hard work, our ticket sales and the sheer generosity of our fun-loving guests, the single-evening event brought in over $58,000!

The money raised from this annual gala will now go to work doing real good in our community. This money will ensure that we can train 18 new volunteer counsellors this year.

Those counsellors will graduate from our training program and then go on to provide over 4,000 sessions of counselling to the community.

The money raised will help to ensure that the almost 1,200 people that come through our door in the coming year will receive the counselling and the guidance that they are seeking.

Thank you.

Your support will help to make our community a better place, and we’re very grateful.




What will happen
when I call?

Well to start, most people tell us that things began to feel a little better as soon as they made the call.

1. You'll be offered some information about our services

2. We will get your contact info and ask you a few questions

3. A time will be set for your face-to-face Intake Interview

4. You will be carefully matched with one of our volunteer counsellors

You may even be offered information about other support services that will help you on your journey.